Over the years that Carol has been working with Hospitality and Wellness brands, she discovered that most of the heavy lifting with a brand is done over a few months, initially. From that point on, the brand goes into a maintenance mode with a series of updates and tweaks. It occurred to Carol that many companies don’t have to hire and pay for a full-time Director of Marketing or a Full-Service Agency. Instead, a dedicated amount of time can be invested up front, working with her team.  Then, Carol makes sure you drive it home with a much less costly in-house marketing employee or team (who she even sometimes helps to hire). Implementation and tracking is handled by in-house marketing, over time. Once Carol’s initial branding work and planning is done, she is only brought in occasionally for check-ins and special projects. This is a much smarter way to allocate dollars. 



Services offered:

  • Branding & Creative Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing Plan Development
  • Digital & Social Media Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Public Relations Strategy