The Homestead is a premier resort and destination hosting 22 U.S. presidents dating back to the 18th century. Located in Hot Springs, VA the resort expands over 2,000 acres and offers and array of timeless comforts and modern amenities. 

Due to location challenges and lack of advertising, The Homestead's room nights were decreasing year after year. First needed was a compelling story to cut through the noise of competition. We created a tagline and identity only The Homestead can own, "The Birthplace of Southern Hospitality." The tagline, website, signage, and collateral developed all captured the unique spirit and the location of the historic property. 

At the same time we needed to re-think how to showcase the various amenities and package them in a way to drive room nights. We created the Unlimited Activities Package and used public relations and targeted advertising of this package to drive business in key drive markets.