Strat-Comm was founded in 1997 with the inspired vision of offering a streamlined and strategic approach to guerrilla and grassroots marketing, as well as branding consultation, media buying, sponsorship, trade show and special event development and management.  

Since then, founder Neil Stratford and his team have been sought after by companies in the US and around the world to develop creative, low-cost techniques aimed at maximum exposure for a product, brand or service. They also specialize in targeting to a smaller audience in order to convey a message  through non-traditional, often unexpected avenues. The surprise element in this approach often results in reaching a much wider audience, creating lots of awareness for the brand. 

Strat-Comm is a Marketing Communications Company headquartered in Louisville, KY with offices in New Jersey, Louisiana, and Texas. Strat-Comm has a wealth of experience fulfilling client need-based demands for the consumer, retail and lifestyle industries. They have a proven track record for development and executing high-end special events, and their commitment to excellence brings a new level of client/agency relationship to the business community by being effective to clients in both the boardroom and the backroom. 


The Strat-Comm Difference

  • 20 years of offering a strategic marketing focus on guerrilla and grassroots marketing
  • A small and nimble company that is able to meet the needs of every celint 
  • A reputation for making certain that projects are affordable and effective 
  • Guaranteed direct interaction with Principal leadership


Event Marketing

We work with you to ensure your event or product launch is an experience your audience will never forget. From full-service development to all the details of implementation, Strat-Comm offers you the expertise that will set your event apart. 

We handle all aspects of an event, and we do it seamlessly so that you don't have to worry. this includes tracking event budgets, maintaining communication with clients, creating site layouts, coordinating theme and decor, organizing and hiring vendors, creating timelines, holding event meetings, recommending and managing event staff. 


Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy that utilizes unconventional marketing strategies to produce maximum results, targeting the consumer at a personal and more memorable level than traditional marketing tactics. Do you have a small marketing budget? We are here to make certain your message reaches a large audience. If you're a larger company, we'll run the grassroots efforts alongside a larger marketing campaign. 


Trade Shows

Strat-Comm understands that face-to-face marketing experiences have never been more important. That's what builds valuable business relationships. We know that strong relationships play a vital role in the growth of any company. Because of the depth and breadth of our trade show experience, we also understand the challenges you face while planning for a show. With a focus on personalized service, we're here to help you maximize your trade show investment. 


Strat-Comm develops effective promotional marketing programs for businesses of all sizes, including many of the world's largest brands. Our personalized approach and experience enables us to deliver a promotional marketing program that is effortless, and cost-effective.